Wibom 0.12 solves Gdk::Keyval::GDK_? (NameError)

Long time no see. There’s a bugfix release 0.12 that solves uninitialized constant Gdk::Keyval::GDK_N (NameError) appeared in some sort of new version of Ruby/GTK/whatever. No new features.

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Greek review

A Greek article about wibom was released yesterday on yaglb.com.

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Version 0.11 is here

A new version of wibom has beeen released. Wibom 0.11 brings some new improovments:

  • The wibom bottle chooser now works as excpected – don’t forgot to set it as a default app for .exe files.
  • Every menu item now has a nice key shortcut.
  • Feature request 3147188 (Add “Run implicit EXE file” button).
  • There’s now a German translation.

Tarball is ready, so as deb packages. Other packages will be ready soon. Enjoy!

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New web

We are now running WorPress.

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